"Exactly one week from your visit and the house is fully repaired. The best part is that with your combined knowledge, experience and expertise, we are confident we put it back together in the best way - preserving the original design and concept. Without your help, I would have wandered in the desert of "mixed opinions" on how to proceed with the flat roof ventilation issue. So, I think you two hung the moon. Not sure I have an adequate way to thank you."

Barbara Pagano
Gulf Breeze, Florida

“... we bought a wreck of property that turned out to be much more complicated and difficult to renovate than we had anticipated. But through this entire process you were a reliable River Guide whose insights we depended upon. And the final outcome is a class A structure that we are proud to own.

Walter Brown
Owner, Sarah’s and Old Trader John’s
Pensacola, Florida

“...every person associated with Biggs – Green conducted themselves with professionalism seldom seen in the contracting business today…..I was most impressed with your progress reports and the way in which you conducted our weekly review meetings. Too often contractors do not like to be bothered with these details. I am sure that your regard for this aspect of the job allowed us to move constantly forward with fewer problems…”

Deborah Dunlap
Deborah Dunlap Properties
Pensacola, Florida

“Your performance especially given the current construction climate and the time constraints of this project has been outstanding.”

Phillip Partington
Spencer Maxwell Bullock
Pensacola, Florida

“I wish to thank you for your assistance and especially, want to thank your on-site job superintendent, Tim Price. He could not have been more helpful.”

Ted Welsh
President of White Sands Cottages
Pensacola Beach, Florida

“It is amazing how may contractors use the architect as the excuse for any and all hurdles that are inevitably associated with construction projects. You, on the other hand, forged ahead with a “we are a team” approach. It is not overlooked, and is appreciated.”

Brian Spencer
Spencer Maxwell Bullock
Pensacola, Florida

“Every client I show is awe struck. Thanks for doing such a great job. We’re very pleased."

Dr. Mike Mongue
Pace Vet Clinic
Pace, Florida

“I want to thank you for the outstanding job your company accomplished for us during the recent period during which we needed work done quickly, effectively and within budget. Your company obviously is successful because of the way you conduct your business.”

Mr. Vince Whibbs
Vince Whibbs
Pensacola, Florida

“Thank you for your care and hard work. The project has turned out great.”

Dr. and Mrs. Brent Videau
Pensacola, Florida

“We would recommend (Biggs – Green) to anyone looking for a honest, reliable general contractor with a great deal of commercial experience.”

Jerry Dunkle, CCIM
Sundial Developers, Inc.
Destin, Florida.

“It has been a real pleasure working with you. We are both very pleased with the job and know that it has been done right.”

Thomas Born
Pensacola, Florida

“…well organized and effective manager and is of excellent character and ability. I feel confident recommending him and his construction company for any project in the industry.”

Jeffrey Prescott, Architect
Prescott Architects, Inc.
Destin, Florida

“…it was the direction and loose personal oversight by our general contractor that made this project even better than we had hoped. They achieved the renovation on time and within budget.” “We made numerous changes to the original architectural plans because of suggestions from our contractor and these suggestions proved to be in our best interest and all changes saved us monies or brought valuable improvements.”

Wilmer H. Mitchell
President, Seville Quarter
Pensacola, Florida

“…we have had the opportunity to observe outstanding performance.”

Richard E. Daniels
Molton, Allen & Williams of Pensacola, LLC.
Pensacola, Florida

“. management of this project and the tenacity demonstrated in adhering to its scheduling and budgetary requirements has contributed heavily to its success.”

Phillip Partington
Spencer Maxwell Bullock
Pensacola, Florida

“I wanted to take this opportunity to commend you and your firm for the outstanding job you did constructing the above referenced project. The degree of professionalism exhibited in Contract Administration and your attention to detail, I have not seen in a while.”

Michael G. Martin
Amspacher and Amspacher Architects, P. A.
Pensacola, Florida

“…(Biggs – Green) has been steady and grounded which is often difficult when you consider the number of personalities involved. His organizational and communication skills have been excellent and his leadership has been a guiding light to the entire team of participants.”

Michael Richardson, AIA
Bullock Tice Associates
Pensacola, Florida

“We feel we have received an outstanding, conscientious, thorough job for St. Paul Parish and deeply appreciate it.”

Fr. Doug Halsema, St. Paul Parish
Pensacola, Florida

“This project was not only completed in a very timely fashion, but also exceeded our expectations. As a result of Biggs –Green’s dedication and commitment to excellence, our employees have a modern and architecturally sound facility that has withstood the force of recent hurricanes making landfall on the Gulf Coast.”

Albert C. Graf, Chief Executive Officer
National Standard Parts
Pensacola, Florida

“…communication is constant and response time is always immediate. In spite of the hurricane recovery across our community, completion of any project has been on schedule or ahead of schedule. I can, without reservation, recommend them as one of the finest commercial construction companies in all of Northwest Florida and hope to be able to work with them on future projects.”

Buzz Ritchie, Chief Executive Officer
Gulf Coast Community Bank
Pensacola, Florida

“…the project was completed on time and within approved budget. The work site was clean and efficiently organized, and we were able to continue with normal business during construction with minimal interruption. I have found their work to be of the highest quality, with attention to detail. I am also familiar with the company (and its owners) as a banker. The company is financially sound, with all matters handled as agreed.”

Tom Owens, Pensacola City Executive
Branch Banking and Trust Company
Pensacola, Florida

“This pattern of establishing “long term” relationships with clients is the core of George and Jon’s business model. Since the inception of their company, Biggs – Green has undoubtedly been compiling and enviable track record with clients due to their commitment to professionalism and adherence to a code of ethics that has been diminishing in the construction industry. Their representations of pricing and schedules are accurate and realistic and therefore appropriately educate affected parties “in advance”. While this “full disclosure” approach may produce angst on the front end, it is essential when project budgets cannot be exceeded.”

Brian Spencer
Spencer Maxwell Bullock

“As you know, 2005 was a challenging year to be in the construction business with frequent price increases, labor shortages and overworked and overstressed subcontractors. Biggs – Green somehow pulled off our project, allowing us to move into the building when promised. More importantly, the quality of the work is such that we are proud of our rebuilt facility.”

Ronald E. Jackson, President
Saltmarsh, Cleaveland & Gund
Pensacola, Florida

“…your crews are very attentive, courteous and gave me a great sense of security and comfort.”

Nikki Wiltshire

“Thank you so much for your prompt and wonderful help. Wish all other folks provided ¼ the service that you have.”

Polly Godwin
White Sands Townhomes
Pensacola Beach, Florida

“Everything is working and the Credit Union employees and board members are extremely happy. I want to thank you and your staff, you did a good job and in the process made me look good.”

Kevin Brown
L & N Credit Union

“Every day we wake up and every day we arrive home, we so appreciate the home you and your supporting cast have made for us. Thank you seems big time inadequate, but you get the idea, thank you.”

Sharon Myers Mongue
Mongue Residence

“Thank you for all you have done this year to make everything so much easier during our projects. Your effort and patience means more than you will ever know.”

Mary Baisden
Needle Rush Point
Pensacola, Florida

“Wanted to say AnyTime Fitness looks great. The project was well timed…”

Scott Sallis, AIA
Dalrymple / Sallis Architecture
Pensacola, Florida